The origin

Ethnoresilience was brought to Switzerland from Native American land by the anthropologist Maurice-Eric Hefti, who has over thirty years of studies in Mexico, Guatemala and Peru. As a researcher of hidden or refused memories of our being, Maurice Hefti developed Ethnoresilince based on the ancient tradition of restoring the sacred potential that each of us deserves to develop: the power to change our destiny. 

The technic

 Ethnoresilience and introspection:


The introspective method in Ethnoresilience allows you reconcile your past experiences, genetics and destiny. This technique is primarily kinesthetic and will allow you to go back in your past and relive every experience that could block your harmonious energy flow into the present.


Transformative approach:


Through introspection and the discovery of "material" representing difficulties and obstacles that oppose the natural flow of your energy, you can "materialize your problematics” by giving it form or mass. With your tangible discovery, from behind your closed eyes you can recover a snapshot of your past. You will relive your moods and physical feelings and experiences buried from your past. After accomplishing this insight, you can recover your vital and innocent energy that preceded tragedies or events that you had not been able to accept.


By the five senses and moods:


The starting point of Ethnoresilience is supported by a sensation that leaves your senses and emotions, revealing ancient trauma. Traumas such as sadness, anxiety and anger are all indications that will help you to find truth and the innocent vibrating energy which is waiting for you.