Metamorphic massage for children

The technique was developed in the Sixties by naturopath and reflexologist Robert St John while he was working in a school for mentally handicapped children. He came to the conclusion that not only are all the parts of the body represented in the foot (as reflexology teaches) but that our passage through the womb, from conception to birth, is also mapped out on the side of the foot, along the points reflexologists call the spinal reflexes. And he came to believe that our ailments, and the characteristics we carry through life, are established during the time in our mothers' wombs. By working on the feet, he found he could release blocks and facilitate "transformations" both on a physical and an emotional level. One case in particular stood out. A woman came to him with a six-week-old Down's Syndrome baby. St John taught the technique to the mother and after a year of sessions the child was normal. The extra chromosome which causes the syndrome had not disappeared; it was simply no longer operative. 


Good results are obtained if:


♦ Hyperactivity

♦ Lack of concentration, attention

♦ Sleep Problem

♦ insecurity, low self esteem, lack of self-confidence

♦ Irritability, aggression, anger, violence

♦ Conflicts of authority

♦ Difficult birth, etc.



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