The practitioner

Born in 1979, I am a therapist graduated in metamorphic massage and recognized by the Swiss foundation for complementary medicines (ASCA).


I hold a Master's Degree in Educational Sciences - Orientation Adult Education, as well as a Bachelor's Degree in Educational Sciences, I have extensive experience in the field of counseling for people in distress, suffering, as well as children in difficulty (teacher in a Psycho-thérapeutique center and for migrants in an elementary school, consultant trainer for battered women in Bolivia, etc.).


My life journey and my personal work have led me to train myself also in Ethnoresiliance with Maurice Hefti since 2011. In the shamans, the transmission is done by experience and work on oneself. I have been accompanying people in search of change since 2014.


Every year I continue my training through my participation in many courses. At the same time, I also train in the field of meditation and energy care.



Musician, I also practice healing by sounds. It is now proven that sounds and vibrations have an important influence on our health and well-being.